Our Mission

The mission of SWM is to: reduce and maintain the Whitetail deer population in Northern Virginia; restore a proper balance of wildlife within this geographical area; develop a general awareness of the wildlife management role of bowhunting in suburban settings; and promote a positive image of bowhunting and bowhunters.

Develop a general awareness of the wildlife management role of bowhunting in suburban settings

Reduce and maintain the Whitetail deer population in Northern Virginia

Restore a proper balance of wildlife within this geographical area

Promote a positive image of bowhunting and bowhunters

Who We Are

  • Bowhunting members of SWM are moral, ethical, law-abiding and civic-minded individuals.
  • Our members care about the future of our hunting heritage and the sport of bowhunting.
  • Many are tournament archers as well.
  • The leadership of SWM has a legitimate concern for the burgeoning herds of whitetail deer in suburban areas and have come together to help the public deal with the ever increasing problem. Our leadership, support and field staff consist of serious, dependable, action-oriented individuals.
  • All members are seasoned, mature bowhunters who understand the day-to-day constraints of suburban bowhunting.
  • For those who do not wish to participate in the hunting activities but are supportive of our mission we offer (non-hunting) Associate memberships.

Meet Leadership

Suburban Whitetail Management (SWM) is a 501 (c)3 non-profit deer culling/management organization designed to:
  • provide a much-needed service to the community at no charge to the recipient.
  • help local landowners, communities, and governments reduce whitetail deer overpopulation problems in a safe, natural and humane
  • act as a management “tool” for Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries’ (VDGIF) deer reduction goals.
  • educate the non-hunting public, as well as the general public, about bowhunting’s role in wildlife management.
  • help communities in Northern Virginia by contributing a portion of total harvests to those in need and by raising the much-needed funds to process those harvests.
  • further the positive image of bowhunting and those who participate.
  • and treat our wild resources with respect and compassion as we carry out our mission by using bowhunting as a sound management tool.

Established in 1997

SWM was established in 1997 and has since built a successful track record, without incident, for hunting transparently in suburban communities. Other areas of success include, but are not limited to, vineyards, farms, training centers and airport properties. Our goal is to accomplish the client’s needs while remaining as transparent as possible, thereby allowing them to live their lives unimpeded and without interruption.

Similar deer management groups around the nation have been up and running successfully for as long as ten years in states such as Pennsylvania, Minnesota, and New Hampshire. As development continues to increase and whitetail habitat continues to decrease, the need for organizations such as SWM are becoming more and more necessary.

SWM operates primarily in the Northern Virginia counties of Fairfax, Loudoun, and Prince William. Other areas of operation currently include Warren, Clarke, Frederick, and Fauquier Counties. Within these counties, SWM is available for deer management on any property from a small suburban lot to a large farm, nursery, or development project.


SWM provides their service to area property owners experiencing problems with the expanding whitetail deer herd. We deploy highly qualified hunters using modern archery equipment (compound bows or crossbows). Utilizing portable tree stands hunting is performed from a safe, elevated position, shooting downward, at close range. An arrow tipped with a razor-sharp broadhead, launched from a modern compound bow or crossbow, can pass through a deer and bring a swift, painless death. Similar whitetail deer management techniques have been used in our area with Great Success.

Although Virginia law strongly supports the property owner, SWM has insurance providing liability coverage for each member hunter and host property owner.

Click Here to see how the Suburban Whitetail Management process works. If you have any unanswered questions after reviewing our website, please feel free to contact us directly.

How Our Service Works

The first step is to complete our online Application Form. You should fill out an application even if you think your property is too small to hunt. Often you have a neighbor who is also experiencing problems with deer.

After we receive your completed application, an SWM representative/officer will contact you and visit your property. If your property is suitable for our services we will give you a detailed written appraisal of where and when our members will be on your property.

Suburban Whitetail Management carries all necessary insurance coverage, and monitors the performance of each bowhunter and the satisfaction of every property owner. We recover and remove deer in an efficient, low-profile manner. Seventy-five percent of the deer meat harvested on properties we manage is donated to Hunters for the Hungry or other charities. Our services are always free.

If you have questions or trouble completing our online Application Form, please contact us at info@suburbanwhitetail.org.

Charity Work

SWM actively supports Hunters for the Hungry (H4H), as well as other charities, local and otherwise, by donating deer harvests where needed.  Members are expected to donate at least one out of three deer to charity.

Between 1998-2000, SWM hosted charity 3D Archery Tournaments in conjunction with other local archery groups such as Belvoir Bowhunters (1998-1999) and the Cub Run Archers (2000) to help raise funds necessary for processing the venison donations H4H receives during the regular hunting season. Belvoir Bowhunters has since made this an annual event of their own.

Between 2002 and 2007, SWM hosted Annual SWM Golf Classics. These fundraising events were successful and allowed SWM to share thousands of dollars with H4H.


Suburban Whitetail Management Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. The organization is funded from two main sources: membership dues and donations/contributions, which are tax-deductible to the extent of the law. If you would like to make a contribution to our organization please click here.

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